Upcoming Events of Interest to the History Community

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Historic Sites and Kitchens in England and Scotland, MHA Docent Meeting, Tuesday, February 3, Free.

Fellowship Hall, Sugaw Creek Presbyterian Church.  Refreshments at 9:30, business meeting at 10, program at 11.  Visitors are always welcome.

Linda Beverly will talk about historic sites and kitchens in northern England and Scotland where she and Carolyn Dilda spent three weeks last summer.  Linda and Carolyn are MHA Docents and members of the Historical Cooking Guild of the Catawba Valley.  They attended a Georgian Cookery Class taught by noted food historian, Ivan Day, and visited many historic sites and museums. They toured a variety of kitchens from a small fire pit in the middle of a turf dwelling to the gleaming displays in grand houses.  In her spectacular slides you will see these kitchens along with castle ruins, ancient stone monuments, and the breath-taking beauty of glacier-carved mountains and valleys.

Linda came to the docents by way of the cooking guild, and if you read her article in the September/October Dandelion, you’ve had a preview of this program.  The criteria for joining the cooking guild are stringent, so you can be sure Linda knows her stuff.


The Charlotte Museum of History Presents Charlotte 240, On the Web at www.charlottemuseum.org/charlotte240

Charlotte 240 is a multi-media digital history project celebrating 240 years of Charlotte history and of the Hezekiah Alexander Homesite.  Over the year they will post on the website 240 articles highlighting the people, artifacts, buildings, architecture, places, environment, art, ideas, events, women, men, and wars. that make up the collective history of our region. Notable guest authors from around the region are contributing essays.  At this time three articles are posted on the web site:

  • Alexander Hezekiah Home Site reaches 240 Year Milestone by Kay Peninger
  • King Haglar, Catawba Chieftain by Mary Kratt
  • The Formation of Mecklenburg County by Jim Williams


History Talks Lecture Series, Saturday, January 31, at 1 pm, Charlotte Museum of History.

Val Greene, civil engineer and John Lawson historian, will discuss his soon-to-be published book on the journey of John Lawson, the naturalist who explored the Carolina Backcountry and wrote about it in the book, A New Voyage to Carolina.