About the MHA

The Mecklenburg Historical Association is dedicated to preserving and publicizing the history of Mecklenburg County through regular meetings, publications, special research groups and work with various historic sites.  Founded in 1954 it is the successor to several similar organizations going back to 1875.  Through these years the MHA has published or assisted in publishing a number of books.  The first two in this list were published by the predecessor organization, the Mecklenburg Historical Society.

  • The Lives and Characters of the Signers of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence by John Hill Wheeler, Charlotte, 1875.
  • Cloud Over Catawba by Chalmers G. Davidson, Charlotte 1949
  • Cradle of Liberty; the letters of Archibald Henderson regarding the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, Charlotte, 1955.
  • Story of the Origin of the City of Charlotte by Victor C. King, Charlotte, 1954
  • Lives of the Signers of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence by Victor C. King, Charlotte, 1956.
  • Old Charlotte and Old Mecklenburg Today by Ruth Blackwelder, Charlotte, 1973
  • The Plantation World Around Davidson, Chalmers G. Davidson, Charlotte, 1973
  • Chain of Error, V. V. McNitt, originally published New York, 1960, second edition published by the Mecklenburg Historical Association, 1996.
  • A Life in Antebellum Charlotte by McConnell, Dyer and Williams, Editors, Charleston, 2005.

The MHA has also supported the establishment of a number of historic sites including

  • Historic Latta Plantation
  • Hugh Torrance House and Store
  • The Museum of the New South (now the Levine Museum of the New South)

Today the MHA is a vibrant organization which meets four times each year to share a meal and hear an interesting speaker.  Various permanent committees meet at other times to do their work in implementing the goals of the MHA.  Read about these activities on this site and in our newsletters, sign up for The History List to receive up to date news of interest to the History Community, and Come Join Us.

The MHA is not a genealogical society, but we can refer you to local organizations and independent researchers that serve that purpose.