MHA Board of Directors

Sarah Sue Hardinger, President, Editor MHA Newsletter
Tom Cottingham, Treasurer
Barbara Taylor, Corresponding Secretary

Board Members: 

  • Jane Johnson
  • Luther Moore
  • Robert Ryals, Editor MHA Monthly Calendar
  • Linda Dalton
  • Jody Taylor
  • Stephen McKee

Other Jobs:

Program Chair — Vacant

Approximately 4 months ahead, suggest and get approved speakers for the upcoming meetings.

Contact speakers to see what dates are conducive.  Ask for bio, head shot, short description of program.

Confirm dates with caterer and with church.

Six to 8 weeks before, in time for the Dandelion and MHA newsletter to be published, submit write up of program and bio of speaker, with pictures to editors of the Dandelion and MHA newsletter.

Mail information regarding time and directions to speaker.  Make any additional reservations if necessary.

At church, introduce speakers to president and others.  Prepare introduction or have someone else make introductions of speaker.

Dinner Reservation Chair – Vacant

Program will be listed in the Dandelion and MHA newsletters with your contact information.  Create list of attendees, those who have paid and those needing to pay at door.

Pull nametags and sort alphabetically with one pile for those who have paid and another for those needing to pay.

Friday before meeting, call the church and caterer with number of people coming.  Add a couple to the total.  Tell church how to arrange the tables. (We need to give them a standard set up).

Arrive at church ½ hour before program and set up name tags up on table for those who have paid.  Keep others on the side.  Have about $40 in cash to make change if necessary (lots of ones).  Have a few more name tags and Sharpie in case someone extra walks in.

Give out name tags and take money of those who are paying.

At end of evening, turn over money and reservations to Treasurer.

Ask membership for return of nametags, with strings tucked in.  Rearrange alphabetically.

A/V Person — Vacant

Will communicate with Program chair/speaker for the needs for A/V equipment.

Will arrive at meetings early enough for set up and testing of equipment.

Equipment includes: computer (for power point), screen, podium, microphone

Membership List — Vacant

Will maintain and update the MHA membership list including dues payments, and accurate contact information, including mailing address, email address, phone number