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Battles of Charlotte and King’s Mountain

SAVE THE DATE FOR 2024!  August 31 and Sept 1 !!

The Battle of Charlotte has been celebrated annually near Labor Day for many years. Recently, the MHA has joined with the host location, Rural Hill, to sponsor this key Revolutionary event. On Saturday, groups of reenactors in accurate 18th century dress recreate the Battle of Charlotte, a delaying engagement at Trade and Tryon that kept Lord Cornwallis and his army from catching General Greene’s army.

This year we are having a new event on Sunday, a reenactment of the Battle of King’s Mountain, noted by many scholars as the turning point of the Revolutionary War.  A notorious officer in the British Army, Colonel Ferguson, had camped his troop of loyalist militia on the table-top of a commonly used hill in far southern North Carolina.  He felt the position was unapproachable due to the steep, forest-covered slopes.  Hundreds of patriot militia gathered nearby and planned a coordinated attack from all sides of the plateau. The patriots were victorious, either killing or capturing all of Ferguson’s troop.  Ferguson was killed.  The defeat opened Cornwallis’ entire western flank and caused him to move quickly out of the area.

Camps of British and American soldiers demonstrate camp life while other reenactors demonstrate civilian living history. Period vendors, or sutlers, sell their wares to reenactors and the public. Food and drink is available from modern vendors.

This year we are initiating a period art fair as part of the 21st century camp.  Watch our Newsletter for more on this new feature.

Watch the Rural Hill website Events page for the link to purchase tickets early!