The Docent Program

Docent: do` cent, n. [German, from Latin docere, to teach]

docentfigureThe MHA Docents are a unique and award-winning group of volunteers within the history community of Charlotte-Mecklenburg. They are not associated with any particular site.  Rather, they provide support to all local history sites through programming assistance, research, and consultation. The Docents also provide a biennial course on regional history plus continuing education programs for the general public, and for volunteers and staff at local historic sites.

You will see MHA Docents working as volunteer interpreters at The Charlotte Museum of History, Latta Plantation, Historic Rosedale, Museum of the New South, James K. Polk Memorial and many other sites in the area.  You also will see Docents assisting with special events at other historic properties elsewhere throughout the region.

Mission Statement
To provide assistance to regional historic sites through training, research, programming and consulting services.

To provide support and continuing education enabling the committee members to fulfill their stated purpose.

The purpose of this Committee shall be to assist with the promotion and implementation of the objectives of the Mecklenburg Historical Association, Inc. as outlined in Article 2 of its By-laws, and also to:

  1. Encourage docents to volunteer at regional historic sites.
  2. Develop training programs and/or train volunteers for regional historic sites.
  3. Conduct research in order to enhance the Committee’s general knowledge of the region’s history, and thereby its training programs, with a view towards publishing or otherwise presenting such knowledge to the public.
  4. Seek other appropriate areas of opportunity.