Docents – Current Projects and Programs

  • The Catawba Valley Decorative Arts Survey documents and catalogs regional early decorative arts.
  • Skills Training is provided in:
    – first-person interpretation
    – historic research
    – spinning and weaving
    – herb craft
    – early dancing
    – stenciling
    – quill writing
    – early toys and games
  • The Docent Book Club meets after each Docent meeting, exploring books that illuminate local or regional history and folk ways.
  • The Journal committee researches, transcribes, annotates, and publishes previously unavailable materials.
  • The MHA Docents publish the Passport to History,  a workbook designed to introduce grammar school age children to regional history and local historic sites.  These can be purchased at most local history sites. 
  • Day trips and longer ones – “Trips into History” – These are announced and reported in the Docent newslette, The Dandelion.  To see what fun we have, look through back copies of the newsletter.  These trips are open to the public on a space available basis.
  • Scholarships for continuing education to docents in good standing.
  • A library is maintained by the docents for research and education.
  • Historic clothing education, with help in constructing period appropriate clothes;  we also maintain a small collection of clothes to lend to docents as needed.