Voices from the Past Encore


Voices from the Past will be returning on April 14, 2018. The MHA Docents hit the ball out of the park last April when 50 portrayers told the personal stories of some of Mecklenburg’s founding fathers and memorable citizens, who are buried at Settlers, Elmwood, and Pinewood cemeteries.  The docents will continue to present the event, and once again Lynn Mintzer has agreed to act as its chairman.


With an estimated crowd of over 800 visitors, Linda Dalton of MHA, and Audrey Mellichamp of the MHA Docents, both commented that Voices from the Past taught more history to more people than they have ever seen accomplished in one day.


Plans for VFTP’s 2nd annual performance are underway and we are looking for a few Mecklenburg “natives” who have ancestors buried in these cemeteries. Lynn Mintzer said, “Every family has a story to tell and we would love to hear yours.”  Submit your story to the VFTP advisory committee at lynnMHAD@gmail.com or call Lynn at 980-439-1927.


This year’s event will feature some of last year’s most popular characters, along with some that we haven’t heard from before. The committee is recruiting portrayers to tell the stories of Fred Alexander who brought down the fence – or racial divide – between Pinewood and Elmwood, Senator William Davidson, and merchant/planter John Springs III who managed to occupy both Settlers and Elmwood.  This is only a sampling of new people to bring into the mix.


If you love history, you don’t want to miss out on being a part of VFTP. Please contact Lynn or any MHA Docent board member to learn more about being a portrayer or being a non-acting volunteer.

Lynn Mintzer