YouTube Videos

  • MHA Docents Meeting, April 6, 2021
    The Historic Mapping Congress: Mapping the Roads of Old Mecklenburg
    Hugh Dussek will discuss the efforts by local historians to investigate the history and location of the roads of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, during the colonial and revolutionary eras. The presentation examines the Great Wagon Road, the original road pattern of the county, the crossing at Trade and Tryon, the fords across the Catawba River, and the use of the roads during the Revolutionary War.
  • MHA Docents Meeting, January 19, 2021
    Colonial Botany: Plants the Carolinas Gave the World
    Dr. Larry Mellichamp, UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens
    Wing Haven, Winter Lecture Series
  • MHA Docents Meeting, September 1, 2020
    The Davidson Family of Rural Hill, North Carolina, Three Generations on a Piedmont Plantation
    by Jim and Ann Williams
    Published by McFarland, Jefferson, NC
  • DAR Meeting, January 2020
    This YouTube video tells about William R Davie.  It is carefully researched and gives an accurate portrayal of this founding father – cavalry commander, lawyer, legislator,  delegate to the US constitutional convention, president of North Carolina and ambassador to France and to Napoleon  Bonaparte.  It was made for the DAR celebration of Constitution week and is used by the DAR and various schools to teach this history lesson.  Although there are school children in the presentation is is my no means a child or young adult presentation.