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Chain of Error and the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence


Category:  Non-Fiction
  V. V. McKitt
Published:  1960

Print Length:  145 pages
Language:  English
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Book Description

Chain of Error and the Mecklenburg Declarations of Independence by V. V. McNitt, republished by the MHA with a new introduction and Brief Sketches of the signers added. This is a closely reasoned and thorough description of the two declarations of May 20 and May 31, 1775 which were the earliest declarations of independence from Great Britain in the American colonies.

The chief revelation in this book is the story of the falsification of the record of a patriotic action in American history.  In 1853, Prof. Charles Phillips wrongfully inserted two words in the text of the Mecklenburg Declaration in an article in the North Carolina University Magazine.  These two words misrepresented the true meaning of the primary document in his possession and made the entire record of the acts of the convention in Mecklenburg in May 1775 appear spurious.  he then concealed or destroyed the primary document so no one could dispute his quotation.

About the Author
V. V. McNitt was a reporter and desk man for the Cleveland Press.  He founded three newspaper syndicates and was editor of the Evening news of SOuthbridge, Mass.  This work was undertaken out of curiosity to discover whether Ulster Scots in Mecklenburg County, NC have been honest in recording their story of almost reckless courage in getting away out ahead in declaring for independence.  The judgement: they may have been ask, but they were truthful.  The author claims no direct relationship to John McKnitt Alexander, a chief character herein.


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