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Ring of Luck


Category:  Fictionalized History
  Sarah Sue Hardinger
Published:  December 19, 2015
Print Length:  419 pages
Language:  English
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Book Description
Ring of Luck is the fictionalized history of the first twelve years of the English settlement at Jamestown, Virginia based on recent archaeology and document findings. The story we now know of the first years of Jamestown is much more compelling and amazing than the history textbooks, the movies or the myths. The story reveals the formerly untold story of the average man who braved the unknown to improve his own fortunes and ended up unintentionally becoming part of an entirely new people. Josiah Tucker, one of the “diverse others” whose names do not appear on the list of original passengers, leaves his home in England to join John Smith on the voyage of the Susan Constant. He participates in the building of the first fort and its later expansions, becomes a friend of princess Pocahontas, survives the Starving Time, learns how to grow tobacco from John Rolfe and develops a new spirit that can only be called American. The book does not perpetuate long-standing misconceptions about Jamestown. There is no love story between John Smith and Pocahontas. She is shown at her true age and in her true role. The gentlemen of the group are not dismissed as lazy bowlers but shown as the class-conscious, political beings they were. The initial difficulties with supplies are properly attributed to the philosophy of the men in England who funded the adventure as a business proposition. The relationship of the politics of England to the dysfunctional leadership of early Jamestown is put in clearer perspective. The women and boys who were so essential to the workings of the settlement are prominently featured, not overlooked as has often been done in the past.Over forty artifacts and structures found and identified by the archaeology team are carefully placed in their proper place and time as the story progresses. These artifacts can be seen in the excellent museum at Jamestown.

About the Author
Sarah Sue Hardinger has a wide range of artistic talents including designer, sewer, artist, producer, and director for theatre and historic events. She previously published A+ Compositions: 500 Words Without Tears (available on and many professional articles and courses. She is currently President of the North Branch of the Mecklenburg Historical Association and has been a colonial period reenactor for over 15 years. Hardinger has always had a passion for history and supports the preservation of the rich history of her adopted home in the Carolina Piedmont, the Williamsburg-Jamestown area and St. Augustine, Florida.


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