Student Papers

The Student Papers page of, the web site of the Mecklenburg Historical Association, stores and exhibits academic papers on historic subjects by high school students.  Here you will be able to see how our students are learning history and how they are learning to perform historical investigations.

This is a new venture for us and we would like to hear from you.  Tell us what you think of these students and their papers.  Send us any suggestions you have for ways we can improve the site.  If you find errors or have suggestions to improve a paper, send these along and we will forward it to the author.

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The papers on this page now are from the students at Community House Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Here is what the history teacher at Community House has to say as an introduction to these papers:

Eighth grade students in Mr. Bruce Schulman’s Social Studies class at Community House Middle School worked on projects to link their studies to local historic sites. Student topics included the North Carolina Gold Rush, Textile Industry, Cotton Plantations, Charlotte Coins, and Railroads/Streetcars. Local historic sites students researched included Reed Gold Mine, Latta Plantation, James K. Polk Historic Site, Charlotte Cotton Mill, Charlotte Mint, and North Carolina Transportation Museum/Streetcar 85. In addition to their research, students wrote to the staffs of these sites to learn more about the sites and their significance in local history. The final product was either an informational essay or an infographic linking their research to the site. Featured here are several infographics and essays created by these dedicated young scholars.